Stargate Atlantis going out on a high note

by Paul William Tenny

paul-mcgillion.jpgSorry about being dark over the past week. If there's anything I've done over the past six months that could be considered regular, it's that I don't post much or at all over the weekend. Monday went from a potential day of record personal achievement in writing to a day spent cleaning. It rained all day and night on Tuesday, killing my net connection, and today I'm at the height of a miserable head cold.

Feeling crappy did give me the much needed excuse to catch up on the two most recent episodes of Stargate Atlantis, which were, thankfully, better than I had hoped.

Won't spend a lot of time on this, but there's no doubt in my mind that season four will come to a very satisfying end. I feel like this season has been of a more consistent quality than any other. Although I found more enjoyable moments in years past, this year raised the bar in my opinion right from the outset. It must have felt daunting to launch this show with SG-1 still on the air but the people behind this great series should feel proud that it stands on its own and has greatly expanded what began to feel like a pretty well trodden universe.

The Ori started to blow things wide open and given more time could have opened unexpected doorways, but all things considered, they made of the same stuff that everything else in that show was -- that arc was still tied to it as much as anything was.

It's very satisfying as a viewer that SGA still feels like home, but giving comfort and opportunity to an entirely new family.

There's not a lot that needs to be said about Kindred though. I've said before how you can tell when something is really good when it leaves you a bit speechless, like you don't want to critique it so much as just soak it in and enjoy what it brought you, and brought out inside of you. I'm not talking about foaming at the mouth greatness here, but still more than good enough to make you appreciate all the hard work that went into making it.

There's no doubt that whoever does the end-of-episode teasers for next week's episode are absolute retards. I don't know how else to put it. How you can be that stupid and still have a job is beyond me. Why networks trust you to make the show but not cut together the teasers is also nonsensical. Obviously there would be issues of payment and IP rights for having union labor do it, but it's not like you're not getting your monies worth.

While this season has been good, there were missed opportunities. The replicator threat came and went in much the same way that Sokar did with SG-1. Lots of build up, then just *poof*. All gone! What's up with that? Why hype something so hard only to drop it before in just over half a season? Now I do think that the way SGA handled the replicator blowout was pretty awesome, much better than what happened to the Sokar thread, it still seemed like much ado about nothing in the end.

Ah well, it's history anyway.

I'm very much looking forward to the finale this Friday and I nearly crapped myself when I saw a teaser for the first SG-1 movie earlier this week. I imagine you can find it on Gateworld, or supposedly there's going to be a full minute length teaser during the SGA finale in a couple of days if you'd rather just wait.

Before I duck out, and I may revisit this in a couple of days, there were concerns at seasons beginning that certain changes weren't going to work out. For the record, they worked out just fine. Those guys at the table were right, everybody else was wrong. Let it be a lesson learned when looking towards season five; they've earned at least that much.
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I've really been impressed with Stargate Atlantis this season. Sometimes when show runners are changed, a series flounders and never recovers. However, knowing that Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie had been with SG1 since its fourth season, and with SGA since the beginning, I wasn't worried about the show floundering...more that it might go off on a tangent that would not be as likeable. (Sort of like Xena went she went to the dark side...)

But season four has been a true joy, yes, with some episodes that were okay, but many of them were outstanding.

Bravo to everyone at Stargate!


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