'Trio' and 'Midway' getting it done for Atlantis

by Paul William Tenny

Since I crapped on Reunion and Outcast, it's only fair that I hand out some props for Trio and Midway. I just saw the latter two this morning and was very happy with what I saw. Not that I'm some definitive connoisseur of Stargate, drama, or television in general, but it's good to acknowledge the good along with the bad. It's pretty easy to bitch and whine when something isn't to your liking, but much more difficult to articulate your thoughts when you enjoy something.

Maybe that's because you really just want to bask in it without thinking at all, lest you spoil the moment. Trio did that for me, but less so with Midway. The latter of those two really didn't meet my expectations, and yet it was still pretty satisfying on a couple of levels. I'm a little bit confused about why it cost so much to do that episode though, and not that I'd really know anyway, but it didn't seem "more" of any particular thing than some others this season. How did it cost more than Be All My Sins Remembered, for example? Or Adrift and Lifeline -- all three of which I really liked, by the way -- with all those juicy special effects?

Trio on the other hand was downright delightful and that surprised me because I generally don't care for those kinds of episodes. Kind of makes me wonder if that story came about because of the need to make budget room for Midway, or if that's just how that one happened to play out. I guess it doesn't really matter; it was great fun watching the three of them just play around for a while. It actually reminded me a little bit of the West Wing, which I know sounds really strange, but when you get a certain cast together in the same room and just let them do their thing, it can be a magical thing to watch even when they really aren't doing anything other than talking.

When talented people work well together, that makes it worthwhile to watch as a fan. Even as an FX nut, that's where you want to be. That's something that deserves to be remembered.

sga-trio.jpgHeck, here I was the other day complaining about the lack of zats on Atlantis, and last week they were playing with them while my DVR decided to record something other than what I had told it to do. Maybe I won't get to die happy with them growing on trees in the Pegasus galaxy, but I still got to see 'em! It's kind of funny because I was just wondering idly last night while trying to get to sleep whether or not a zat could take down a Wraith or not.

These are the things I think about in bed at night.

Also, about Jewel's character supposedly being "promiscuous" as some "fans" are nastily projecting onto Keller, I just really don't know where people get crazy ideas like that. You'd think she's running around half naked all the time, trying to get men drunk and stuff. Just what will those crazy kids say next?
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Hi, Paul.

The cost for Trio was in the use of a gimbal to tilt and shake the "room" they were in.

I LOVED Midway. A great pleasure to see Chris Judge in a NEW episode again!


Oh, Paul, I use IE7 as my browser, and when you use " in your title, they're translated as: '

I've found that if I use a ' instead of " I don't get '



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