The Super Bowl is truly Worldwide

by Paul William Tenny

No joke, you may have read about this a few days ago:

For the first time ever, the BBC is to broadcast live TV coverage of Super Bowl, one of the world's most popular sports events. Super Bowl will be shown by BBC2, the pubcaster's second most watched web, at 10.50 p.m. local time Feb. 3.

The Beeb will have it this year and in 2009 as well, and I'm sure once they see the ratings this event pulls in, they'll try to lock it in for as long as they can possibly afford, just as Fox has done here in the U.S. I'm actually a little surprised this hasn't happened sooner. The U.S. has exported American football and baseball, and though it isn't all that popular domestically, we do obviously play soccer here -- and have a wonderful habit of winning for our womens national teams.

But the Super Bowl, across the pond? That's just too great, but you also know what the future holds, right? NASCAR!
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