No news is good news

by Paul William Tenny

There isn't much news related to the strike today, contrary to what you keep reading elsewhere. Both sides are still hashing out a deal, and will still be working on it tomorrow, and the next day, and so on until it's actually done. After that, the membership will still have to take time to read it, understand it, debate it, and then vote on it.

The big difference between what the DGA did, and what the WGA is doing, is the DGA agreed on a deal that hasn't been finalized, and won't actually be voted on by their membership until this summer, around the time their current deal expires. The WGA doesn't have to wait, and won't wait. Once they've got something written in blood, it'll still take time for the process to work itself out.

So there's little point in repeating unsubstantiated rumors, and saying every single day that "they're getting closer" without providing any meaningful comparison of how far that movement was, and how much closer they have to get in order to be finally done with it.

We've got none of that, so just sit tight and be happy that what writers said back before this all began was ultimately true; this strike will end, sooner or later, and everyone will get back to work. And even once that happens, most TV shows will take a month or more once back in production to have episodes ready to air, and nobody is certain if there's enough time left to make it worth putting all these shows back on the air only to have them wrap up a few months from now anyway.

This season may truly be a total write-off, and for what it's worth, the strike will have accomplished at least that, just as it had set out to do. In a few days, hopefully, we'll find out if the other goal of getting a fair deal was met as well.
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