ABC screws with Lost's timeslot...again

by Paul William Tenny

lost.jpgUsually this is a sign that show is about to go away on a happy trip, the kind that people don't come back from because they've actually been taken out behind a shed or something, and shot. If you consider a 13 share great, then Lost is thriving. I don't actually consider a show that once had 26 million people watching it to be great -- if anything it's deflated and within easy striking distance of many other shows who would like to dethrone Lost as the king of the utterly-nonsensical-and-mostly-boring  island.

The island of the Lost, naturally.

Anyway, ABC has decided that while 9pm on Thursday nights was cool, 10pm -- the hour after which everyone on the entire east coast that actually has a job has long since gone to bed -- is even cooler and worthy of their prized fantasy/drama.

I don't really see how this benefits anyone or anything since it's putting the show out of range of anyone in the east that doesn't have a DVR, and for those that do, most of them won't get counted in the ratings anyway.

I've got to say that I still don't see what is so great about this show. I love drama, science fiction (of which this is not), fantasy, and when you mix them all together that's even better. So no, I'm not just a sitcom wanker that enjoys crapping on other genres that I don't like or care to understand. With no due respect at all, I've been watching serial dramas since before Fox was even born, thank you very much.

The flash backs in season there were so distracting and completely irrelevant to the current events that it drove me into canceling my season pass. As much as I love to be an elitist snob, I think I'll take that opportunity to say how I feel, which is pretty much that anyone who thinks those flash backs are necessary to the story don't understand story structure very well. Try fast forwarding through the flash backs in every episode and see if you still understand what's going on.

Do you? Of course you do, that's why god invented editing -- if you don't need it, you cut it out, you don't make it a central part of your novelty games.

Now that there are flash forwards though, I wonder if fans of this show are even paying attention, or are they just looking at the pretty pictures and drooling for an hour before bedtime? The flash forwards from this current season have completely ruined the end of the show, since we now know that a number of people get off the island.

Yeah, good job J. J. -- you go off to have your mediocre film career and the people you left behind to care for a show that was once a darling of the ratings world and has since completely fallen apart, and look what happened; they screwed it up even worse than you did.

I'm still watching it though, because for the 59 minutes it totally sucks, there's about three minutes where it's actually kind of cool. Such a shame they didn't cut the other 59 minutes out at the writing stage, this show might actually be better as a series of webisodes if they would just cut out all the garbage.

Don't worry though, you crazy kids. Lost won't be changing time slots (again) until April, so says Ausiello. In other words, it'll come after the break that was the result of the strike.
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