Sarah Connor Chronicles craters

by Paul William Tenny

I still haven't gotten around to watching the new Terminator TV spin-off, so it's interesting to see other people's reactions without being tainted by my own. Interesting meta aside, what is concrete and definitely not good is how amazing the ratings were for the pilot, and what a huge drop there was between that, and the second part (or was it the second episode?) on Monday evening.

Sunday: 11.1 rating, 17 share (huge)
Monday: 6.2 rating, 9 share (-52%)

9 is still good, but oh my god what a huge drop. Just an absolute ton of people stuck around after the football game to watch that pilot, and yet half of them didn't bother to come back just 24 hours later.

That, my friends, is not good. 17 would have made this series one of the top rated dramas on all of television pre-strike. Now with just reality to compete with and people having seen what apparently a lot of them didn't like, Fox can't be pleased.

Just FYI, Sarah Connor took 5th for the evening just barely beating out American Gladiators by a nose.
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