Routh ejected from Superman? Singer bailing?

by Paul William Tenny

Ah, how sweet the smell of desperation.

The most recent Superman flick was a boring rehash of everything we've seen before, and frankly it could have been edited together by a child using Windows Movie Maker, pasting together clips from all of the previous films, costing a fraction of a fraction of this that train wreck, and still drawing just as many people into the theater regardless.

It cost too much, explored basically no new territory, but hey, it was directed beautifully, was it not? So sad then, that Bryan Singer is looking to jump ship (or make any excuse to do so) along with the supposed ejection of..wait, what was that guys name again? You know, the one that played Superman?
So sayeth Variety, it must be true! (No actually that probably means exactly the opposite is true..)

Variety columnist Anne Thompson reported that it is "highly unlikely" that Superman Returns helmer Bryan Singer will return to shoot the next Superman movie.

Brandon Routh was rejected for the Man of Steel role in the eminently unoriginal Justice League of America exploitation flick we're going to have shoved down our throats. There is really no good reason to make a movie that features entire different actors playing the roles made famous again (or infamous) in currently active franchises.

Unless you're simply out for the money, and are perfectly ok with running the well dry.

That's right, even Christian Bale was rejected for JLA, so how stupid can one studio be?

However, Thompson also made a sideways reference to what may be the real issue -- Warner Bros.' increasingly obvious intention of using the upcoming Justice League of America as a way of rebooting said underperfoming Superman film by tossing Brandon Routh.

Oh now, the plot thickens! Or maybe not..when was the last time a greedy studio had to stop and think of devious ways to throw off an actor they don't want to deal with anymore by doing anything other than hiring somebody else?

I'm sorry but these companies just aren't that creative.

JLA is going to do a lot more than just allow a reboot (in Hollywood that means "potential for new profits", whereas in reality it means "should have been shot and buried under the shed a decade ago") of the Superman franchise -- they are going to set it back another ten years playing these games with a sacred and much loved franchise in the hearts of fans.

If it bombs, or doesn't live up to what will probably be a new record for largest feature budget, it could easily axe the next Superman flick and possibly nuke the whole deal along with it.

It's a damn good thing Nolan, Bale, and crew are still bringing home the quality bacon, otherwise this is nothing but a recipe for total disaster.
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