Reminder: Letterman returns Tonight

by Paul William Tenny

Tonight (11:30pm or is it 11:35pm as my guide says?) David Letterman returns to the airwaves with something none of his competitors will have: his entire writing staff. Sanctioned by the WGA after Letterman's company (which owns his show) struck a deal last Friday that gave some hefty weight to the writers' claims that the contract they seek is extremely reasonable.

Letterman's first guest will be Robin Williams -- you can expect a number of big name SAG members to follow after that guilds president encouraged his entire membership only to frequent Letterman's non-struck show -- and Shooter Jennings as the musical guest.

Leno has Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee tonight, while the rest of the bookies remain unknown. Huckabee has courted some union support in the past, but will likely lose all of it when he crosses the NBC picket lines later this evening.

Tune in, support writers, and let NBC, ABC, Fox, and all the rest know that the era of totalitarian greed has finally come to an end. (Now just "outrageous greed" is acceptable.)
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