Justice League is a mess

by Paul William Tenny

I know a lot of people seem to be drooling at the thought of a Justice League flick, but I'm not one of them, so I'm looking at this movie from the same kind of perspective I look at any other film. Who wrote it? Who is directing? Who's starring? Is it a niche theme or will it appeal to a large audience?

Well it looks like the writer is a career TV freelancer which is never a good sign. He's been able to make a living doing it for a number of years, so he must have some talent, but never quite enough to get hired on a writing staff. Somehow though, this qualifies you go take on a top 2 property at the largest studio in the country.
[Note: I just realized all those TV credits were for acting. I didn't look that closely because you have to figure that whoever gets this writing job is, you know, actually a writer, meaning the majority of their IMDB credits will be, you know...for writing. This guy has never written anything before in his life and has never even been a series regular as an actor, and yet somehow he and his partner landed a franchise property assignment. Wtf?]

Alright, we'll just kind of skip that part (you know, the most important part: having a good story) and say that George Miller is an interesting choice for director and has seen his share of success before. I found the two movies E! choose to put next to his name in parentheses as examples of his work to be truly hilarious: Mad Max, and Happy Feet.

At least he has.."range."

The cast is a train wreck, just looking at it makes me weep. Some guy from The O.C., a rapper, and believe it or not, those are actually the famous ones. It's insane that Warners had Brandon Routh and Christian Bale at arms length for reprising their franchise roles, and instead, they decided to cast Armie Hammer Jr. as Batman, and Scott Porter as Superman.

Let me be clear on these issues, I'm all for giving both writers and actors big breaks to prove they can hack it, but you don't do it with a project like this. You don't let your plumber pinch in the 7th game of the World Series, and you don't like nobodies fill 2/3rds the guts of a franchise flick.

And, low and behold, Warners wasn't happy with the script they got from a career character actor and his wife. Gee, could it have been because neither of them have spent their careers actually writing? This guy couldn't ascend to the top of his own craft, and now he's trying to win a championship in somebody else's sport.

I say again, wtf?
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