January 4th 2008, In Brief

by Paul William Tenny

I don't think anybody is reading these, but I'll give it some time, because really there's just no place else to put this stuff and a lot of it is click worthy. I've got a link to a page listing the season finale dates for all the shows ending in January, a Dark Knight trailer from a couple of days ago, some Stargate stuff, Lost (trying to) go viral, more..
Lost -- Like every other show produced by AMPTP companies, Lost was only able to produce about half the number of episodes that ABC wanted before the strike put an end to script writing duties, which in turn eventually shut down production altogether. Seeing as how obviously critical writers are to these things called TV shows, you'd think they'd get slightly better treatment than this.

Because of that strike, only 8 new episodes were produced and those are likely to be all you're going to get for the foreseeable future. ABC is playing at the "viral" PR campaign anyway, putting up fake billboards and creating websites you can go to, trying to solve some of these mysteries yourself.

Stargate -- Besides reminding you that the second half of the 4th season of Stargate Atlantis resumes tonight, Gateworld has the DVD cover art for the SG-1 movie (1 of 2), The Ark of Truth. This straight-to-DVD movie wraps up the "Ori" arc that was introduced in the ninth season of SG-1, which I'm looking forward to even though I'd rather have had it continue into Atlantis to some degree because there was just too much new, cool material to explore to just end it in a 2-hour TV movie.

Anyway, Ark comes out on March 11th and can be pre-ordered here.

Firefly Game -- says it all, Firefly will get its own Massively Multiplayer Online Game, or rather the rights to do so have been sold to a company that does precisely that -- they buy up rights and try to make MMOG games out of them.

Sounds good, and I absolutely love the property, but I don't approve of "pay-to-play" games. We rent enough "services" already, we don't need more.

Besides, I'd rather have the show back on the air, over a game, a million times over.

Aidos -- Herc at AICN has compiled a list that contains the finale dates for all the shows currently on the air, from January through March. These are just new fall shows, I think all of which ran out of episodes already anyway, but *all* shows on the air that still have new episodes.

Some of these haven't even begun yet and aren't even listed, such as The Sarah Connor Chronicles (doomed) and 24 (held back until after the strike ends.) Jericho is on the list, though, rounding off its second life on March 25th.

[Ok I missed Chronicles the first time, but the there are some missing, I'm sure. - Ed.]

Bale in a Batsuit - IGN has a new Dark Knight trailer from January 3rd, which I missed.

Bones+House -- Fox is making a play for maximum whoreage of the American Idol return by rerunning the pilots to House and Bones on Tuesday. I've not seen much of Bones, much less the pilot, but House I can speak for: it's worth checking out.

The tone isn't quite there yet, and there's a really strange color filter used that makes everything look really trippy (at least on DVD) that will totally freak you out.

Other than that, it's not terribly enlightening unless you want to hear for the first time what happened to House's leg.
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