Hillary Clinton on Letterman tonight

by Paul William Tenny

david-letterman2.jpgI seem to be the only blog in town that has this outside of the mainstream press; apparently David Letterman has booked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for tonights return to the air, alongside Robin Williams and Shooter Jennings.

That ought to make for some interesting ratings with Republican candidate Mike Huckabee appearing on Leno at during the same hour.

Perhaps more interesting is that Nikke Finke is spreading the rumor that Craig Ferguson won't actually have any guests tonight, but will transform itself into a pure comedy show for the evening to showcase its writers and their fight with the AMPTP. She's also still trying to form a wedge between feature writers who are upset (and self centered) about Letterman's writers going back to work while they can't, and everybody else.

From what I've read elsewhere on the web, these people are few in numbers and nearly universally loathed as..well, self centered jerks who are only interested their own careers rather than the welfare of the guild membership at large, including all the below-the-line staffers at Letterman that also now have their jobs back.

When she says "I'm told there's a secret meeting of some top screenwriters -- the really, really successful ones known as the A-listers.." I can't help but see these people as nothing but greedy shills. The "really, really successful ones" are multimillionaires that could afford for this strike to last a decade. They have nothing to gain from the new media deals because they are already so rich that no deal any guild could get on new media would ever make up more than a fraction of their income.

So instead of holding the line for the people that really do need that extra money to continue working as writers, they are stomping their feet and making public threats that damage the guild that enabled their vast fortunes in the first place.

That's just pathetic.
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