by Paul William Tenny

That was my impression of an AICN headline, and quite apropos too, with CBS making the long expected announcement that with no end in sight for the writers strike, Showtime's #1 drama Dexter will be gracing network airtime on Sunday nights starting in February.

I caught the second season premier which did very, very good ratings for Showtime, and was real happy with what I saw. The only problem is that I only got to check it out because I was visiting my sister, who actually gets Showtime, whereas I do not.

So I've only seen the second season pre, and that's it.

I'm desperate for more of this show and now with CBS airing the entire first season, we can all enjoy the bloody killings together! Ah, but there is a catch, because there's always a catch, right?

I love swearing, because we all do it, and pretending we don't while treating it like some unmentionable thing that's never done by "good" and "upstanding" people is being intellectually dishonest and cheating ourselves of truly immersive dramatic entertainment. Plus, hearing one cop say to another "you give me the fucking creeps, you know that?" is just priceless.

Alas, our country is run by conservative prudes who hate their own lives almost as much as they hate ours, therefore they must ruin everything they touch and see. Dexter simply will not be the same show on CBS as it is on Showtime, and for that, I'm kind of bumming.

Also because this was originally a pay-cable show, it didn't have to accommodate commercial breaks and will have to be edited for time, which will undoubtedly make it far more confusing.

Dexter will make its network debut February 17th at 10pm.
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