Another striking writer hit by car

by Paul William Tenny

Thumbnail image for writer-hit-and-run.jpgBack when the writers strike began, it was reported that one impatient studio employee had hit a picketer with his SUV and thrown this guy for a ride. Other writers pulled the guy out of his car and took his keys, after which he ran away and hid inside the building while police were called. The picture on the right ought to give you an idea how of bad that "accident" could have been, but should also have served as a warning about the apparent psychotic nature of office bugs working inside these monolith corporations.

Another writer, this time Law & Order: Criminal Intent showrunner Rene Galcer was struck by a car on Tuesday, then physically assaulted by the driver while a Fox security guard stood around doing nothing about it.

Just like previously, the road rage nutjob then went inside the studio gate and hid while the police were called. This guy figures to be facing far more serious charges even though the impact with the vehicle wasn't as significant as the first time. Hitting someone with your car is in an accident, doing it on purpose is assault (as is pushing and then punching them).

Leaving the scene after hitting someone with your car is felony hit-and-run.

It doesn't matter how annoyed you are at having to slowly creep your way through a picket line -- they have the legal right to be there -- losing your cool and trying to plow through them knowing full well they'll move eventually is putting peoples lives in danger, just so you can get into a parking lot a few seconds faster.

It doesn't take much for a persons foot to get caught under a tire and be run over by a car that outweighs them by a factor of 15:1. If they die, that's manslaughter right then and there.

Think of the writers and their strike what you will, running them over and putting them and their families in physical danger just because you have a short fuse is ludicrious and must be punished accordingly.
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