AMPTP celebrates corporate greed day

by Paul William Tenny

Variety inadvertently made a good point about the strike today when it happily regurgitated AMPTP propaganda messages about how the writers have lost more in regular wages during the strike so far than they would have earned in three years under the new media deal they've been asking for.

Ignoring the fact for a moment that all such a statement does is underscore how incredibly cheap the demand is, and how terribly irresponsible and greedy the conglomerates are that they won't cough up an extra $50 million per year to cover digital downloads and streaming video -- what this statement really does is give us insight into the AMPTP's game plan.

It's now clear that the congloms were well aware of the $151m figure from the start and based on their conduct, had planned to stretch out the strike at least as long as it took to cost writers the amount they were asking for, purely out of spite.

Is there really any question as to who the bad guys are now?
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