24 hours later, Variety eats it on DGA talks

by Paul William Tenny

Alright, well that's strange. I went off on an epic rant against the DGA and AMPTP yesterday, predicting the latter group's ultimate demise and proclaimed this to be the "beginning of the end" since even the corporate lapdog guild couldn't come within shouting distance of even agreeing on a framework to talk, much less them having sat down to deal.

That's what I get for listening to Variety as if they know anything about what's going on that isn't fed to them by PR shills or rumor mongers.

Now quite suddenly, a date has been set for the two to begin negotiations, and for whatever reason, they've found some common ground to work on. Critical, this means one of two things have happened:

A. The AMPTP has offered something to the DGA that they have steadfastly refused to offer the WGA, meaning solid proof (once we see the details) that they've been negotiating in bad faith.

B. The DGA is, again, going to make a deal that neither WGA nor SAG wants, that screws the other two unions by undercutting their demands, simply to get a deal done at all costs, even if it clearly is not in their own membership's bests interests.

I'm going with B, since that always seems to be the case. And here I was actually feeling warm and fuzzy about the DGA yesterday, after signs they may actually stand up and fight for a fair deal.

Obviously the WGA and SAG need to examine the DGA's deal very carefully to see if there's enough in there to pave the way for a subsequent pattern bargaining. If not, there's absolutely no reason nor incentive for either to cave. The AMPTP corporations can thumb their noses at writers and actors all they want, they can't make money without them. Either they come down and bargain in good faith, or they go out of business.

Simple as that.
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