Torchwood season 2 censored for your protection

by Paul William Tenny

torchwood.jpgThe BBC is apparently going to censor edit the second season of Torchwood (which hasn't aired yet) so they can air it in an earlier time slot and so younger viewers can watch it without them having to endure horrific experiences of swearing on television when they certainly get it every single day at home and at school instead. The original version will still air later at night for all of us sick deviants that like our entertainment written as if we weren't all 10-years-old.

I find it kind of funny though that they're going to scrub the language but not the sexual content, of which there is a fair amount in reference, though I'm not talking about nudity here. Beyond being decently written and entertaining science fiction, Torchwood treats adult viewers like adults by showing us a fictionally adult world that isn't sanitized to the lowest common denominator like they do in the United States.

If this wasn't on cable, conservatives in this country would be raising holy hell over Torchwood, I'm certain of it.

That it's being scrubbed in repeats actually angers me, because like I said, one of the most alluring and enjoyable aspects of this show is that it's nothing like American television. Much to the consternation of the holy, there are gay and bi people on this planet and their number is not small. Unlike in the US where you can see gay people who typically don't actually act like gay people, making them stand out like props looking like only token attempts at exploring a new angle, on Torchwood they're already well past that point.

Over there, it's just business as usual. As the series lead character said in the first season, "you people and your quaint categories."

I can't wait until the second season gears up in late January on BBC America, and what's even better than the short wait is that the show is only getting a minor delay over the domestic broadcast. We've had worldwide communications infrastructure for decades and even now we're just barely getting the point of it all, you know?
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Are the DVDs censored? They're not, right?
People keep talking about Torchwood like it's R rated... I don't know if that surprises me because I've been watching the watered down version on BBC America, or if people are just immature and stupid.

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