Sci Fi Channel gets a gameshow

by Paul William Tenny

Apparently the "Sci Fi Channel" is about to step beyond "professional" wrestling and into pure reality programming sometime in the near future. A published report from the 7th said that Sci Fi had greenlit a reality/gameshow based on a Japanese property that will be called Run For Money.

The only reason I'm bothering to tell you this is because it's well past time NBC found a new name for their formally niche cable network. With an overwhelming number of original fantasy and horror films (all of them bad) paired with fantasy mini-series, pro-wrestling, and now a game show, they have lost the right to be even be associated with the science fiction genre, much less be named after it.

Production is set to begin in January on the series, which pits a group of contestants against each other in the quest for cash prizes, while being stalked by relentless "hunters." The action takes place over 60 minutes of real time in various landmark locations. As the clock winds down, the competition gets harder as more hunters appear on the streets, the game perimeter gets smaller and tasks are assigned that test fraying nerves. Contestants earn money for every second they "stay alive" and may opt out at their choosing.

You know what, that show may be fun and entertaining and it may have a crowd, but it's simply wrong to put crap like that on the "Sci Fi Channel." With the passing of Stargate SG-1 and the doomed future of Battlestar Galactica, there isn't going to be any science fiction left on that channel by 2009.
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