SAG Awards gets strike waiver

by Paul William Tenny

Now isn't this interesting: the Writers Guild of America has granted SAG a wavier for its award show, meaning WGA writers can now participate without breaking the guilds strike rules. I love the gesture and thought they should have done it no matter what, but doesn't it seem a little bit like ass kissing between the two?

Writers stand to gain immeasurably from a SAG strike -- if and when there is a SAG strike -- in the summer of next year when their contract comes up for renewal. Kiss kiss, hug hug, lots of love!

Officials from other bashes -- including the Golden Globes and Academy Awards -- are scrambling to obtain similar waivers from the WGA, which has been on strike since November 5. But Writers Guild executives were ducking the question of whether such waivers might be forthcoming.

"For the time being, it's too preliminary to forecast," a WGA West spokesman said Tuesday.

The Oscars better get an exemption, I want more Jon Stewart damnit.
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