Citizen Kane script barely bags MBA minimums

by Paul William Tenny

Quick and ironic news about the sale of Orson Welles' script for Citizen Kane:

Orson Welles' personal working script of "Citizen Kane" sold for almost $100,000 Tuesday, but his Oscar for the 1941 film was withdrawn after bidding failed to rise above the seller's minimum price.

Am I the only one noting that he'd probably have gotten more money for that script if it were sold today, just because of where the (now old) minimum wages are set? Apparently people think so little the value of a priceless script like that, that a studio would have to pay probably a shade more than that bare minimum just to buy the darn thing no matter how little or great they valued it.

Personally, I think that's almost as sad as knowing Wells probably got a fraction of that number for it originally.
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