Patriots & Giants draw record numbers

by Paul William Tenny

Here's a fact that surprised absolutely nobody: Sunday's game between the Patriots and Giants pulled in a bit over 34 million viewers spread across two national broadcast networks and one cable channel, the latter being owned by and displaying only NFL content.

Ultimately I think it's kind of funny, that with NBC and CBS fighting each other for viewers that neither one ended up with terribly impressive numbers. Almost 16 million people opted to watch the game on CBS, while 13 million eyeballed NBC. If either had won out, they'd have been sitting on nearly 30 million viewers, up there in American Idol territory.

For whatever reason, 4.5 million people watched the game on the NFL Network, which considering the importance of the game and looking at how many people watched on the real networks, must really have the NFL upset that they couldn't carry the game alone.

It'll be interesting to see if that many people bother to watch the Pats in the playoffs now that the regular season record doesn't matter, and honestly it never really did. The goal of the regular season is to have a good enough record to make the playoffs, not win out.

If Brady doesn't bring home another championship, they can't be compared to the undefeated Dolphins, much less be placed above them. Nothing matters more than a championship. That's just the way it is.
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