Leno gets Huckabee; Letterman gets Robin Williams

by Paul William Tenny

david-letterman.jpgNBC must really be desperate to have the first guest for their non-union show be a union-hating Republican presidential candidate. Now it's a given that no Democratic candidate is going to cross the picket line, and Nikke Finke mentioned that Mike Huckabee has courted union support, but just look at the facts and tell me what his and NBC's intentions really are.

The guy is going to cross a sizable union picket line after asking for union support.

If there are any late-night talkers you should be watching during the strike, I suggest you tune in with David Letterman who has signed an interim deal with the WGA that allows his writers to return to work under a fair contract, the kind big media refuses to even consider for everybody else.

Consider also reading this story written by Teri Bolke, staff writer for the FX series The Riches.

My two closest friends had similar experiences with their families as well; my best friend's mom declaring the Alliance literal thieves. To our families it's ridiculously simple: you work, you get paid. And the notion that the AMPTP couldn't afford the deal with the Guild was literally met with laughter.

Couldn't have put it any better myself, and since SAG president Alan Rosenberg has endorsed Letterman's show, that's where the big name actors are going to end up first, beginning with Robin Williams.

Oh God, I can't wait for that.
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