Journeyman time-travels to the graveyard

by Paul William Tenny

I know many publications expend a lot of energy coming up with clever titles to the same news a dozen other outlets are publishing that day, but it can occasionally be fun when you have to make a joke about crappy shows being sent to the television afterlife. No so funny perhaps to fans of this doomed drama, though.

After giving Chuck and Life full season orders which they will never end up fulfilling due to the strike, it has been reported that NBC has let its option on Journeyman expire:

"Journeyman" has earned some critical praise of late after tepid reviews for its pilot, but it has struggled in the ratings pretty much from the start. It's averaging 7.34 million viewers per week and a 3.0 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic advertisers care about most. The show also loses about 5 million viewers and half its 18-49 rating from its lead-in, "Heroes."

There are few guarantees in life, so this isn't necessarily the end of the line. CBS brought back Jericho for a limited run of seven new episodes after it outright canceled that series earlier this year. Still, it doesn't look good.

So says the Gods, the final two episodes will air at the shows regular hour on December 17th and 19th.
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