Dexter on CBS? Hurrah!

by Paul William Tenny

dexter.jpgThere really isn't very much going on right now with the strike having nuked production on basically everything related to television, while most shows are really starting to run out of new episodes to air. Heroes is done, I guess The Office is done. Desperate Housewives, which will be a bitter pill to swallow with the great ratings it's getting, is just about history. All the nets seem intent on driving away what few people there are who are still watching television by pushing reality programming into overdrive in January.

Some nets have held back shows for whatever reason or excuse, so those that have it are going to have a few new things to sprinkle on the tube while they are collectively losing about $300 million per month over a demand writers that would only cost them about $50 million per year. One big question is whether or not the nets are going to make use of their cable programming, and it looks like CBS is making the first move on that front with Dexter.
Speaking at a Gotham media conference Tuesday, CBS Corp. supremo Leslie Moonves confirmed that the network is getting ready to slot some skeins from sister net Showtime as soon as this winter. It's long been speculated that the networks would turn to their cable siblings for programming, but Moonves' remarks repped the first time an exec has flatly outlined specific plans to do so.

In case you're wondering, "supermo" is one of the words that Variety writers like to just make up in their stories so they sound different than everybody else. Nobody else on the planet calls TV shows "skeins", CEOs "preems", regularly leaves out nouns and other useless holdovers from what used to be the English language. My personal favorite is their inability to ever start a sentence with the word "the."

Dexter, for what my opinion is worth, looked good from what little I got to see of it during the last free preview they did for Showtime. I'm sure it'll play well with the language censorship since there's little else I saw in the way of extreme graphic violence or nudity that would cause the network problems with the FCC.

What may be more problematic is that Dexter only gets about 1 million viewers per episode on Showtime, far below what reruns might otherwise get on the net.
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