Closed for the holidays

by Paul William Tenny

I got burned out on blogging and believe me, that can happen no matter how much or how little content you write on a daily basis. There hasn't been much strike news and there doesn't figure at least until after the new year. Chances are even then, we're going to be stuck with this one for a while.

Other stuff has been building up and what I'd like to do is try to write more original content and also bring in more posts highlighting other original content, and fewer link posts to industry news. I'll try that after Christmas, when I'll be back here with full energy and attention. There's little point to starting that all right now since most people are busy, so I'll just let the site idle until Thursday or so, and we'll take it from there.

Apologies for being gone this long, but trust me, you haven't missed all that much. USA canceled The Dead Zone and The 4400. Sorry to everyone that was a fan, but you'll have to be happy with what you've got on DVD from now on.

I'll try to be back on Monday and Tuesday, otherwise I'll see you Thursday. Have a happy holidays!
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