Bale confirmed for T4

by Paul William Tenny

christian-bale.jpgThis is old news by now, so I'm going to take advantage of it sitting around to test out posting for this site with Windows Live Writer. The latency of my Internet connection (satellite) makes even the speediest and most responsive sites feel incredibly slow, pretty much because they are when you've got to route your requests for data to an object 20,000 miles above your head - and that's not really accounting for the fact that it has to come back down, go out over the Internet, go back up, and come back down again to complete the circuit.

So, anyway, the rumor going around the past week or so was that Christian Bale was going to play John Connor in the next Terminator  film, which actually sounds like it could be a fairly decent film. That rumor became fact a couple of days ago. I'll say this for the guy, he's come a long way since American Psycho, which is a great flick by the way.
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