ABC fires the 'Big Shots'

by Paul William Tenny

No, sadly I'm not referring to the networks CEO who along with every other big media exec is causing 13,000 writers and god knows how many below-the-line people to be out of work during the holidays, but a freshman drama about...a bunch of unruly CEOs.

The network has opted not to air the three remaining original episodes of the series, which had been scheduled for Dec. 13, 20 and 27. In its place following "Grey's Anatomy" on Thursdays, ABC will air repeats of "Grey's" spinoff "Private Practice."

ABC's decision is a little bit of a head-scratcher, given that original episodes of scripted shows will be at a premium as the writers' strike drags on. On the other hand, in a season without a strike, it's unlikely "Big Shots" would have lasted this long. (Zap2it)

How much you wanna bet those last three episodes make an appearance when this strike rolls into its fourth month? I'm surprised none of these genius CEOs ordered all of their fall pilots to full seasons, getting a full 22 scripts in their back pocket that they'd be under no real guarantee to produce if the strike didn't materialize. On the other hand, with writers walking the picket lines, they could have easily had every single show up and running through next year had they invested in their own future rather than playing development so close to the vest.

It used to be a show might get a full year right off the bat to find its way. Then it was only half a season, now it's just six episodes and then you're living on the street if things aren't working out. Any of the networks could be sitting oh a full plate for months while the others rot in rerun hell. Talk about self destructive practices coming around to bite you in the ass...
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