Worldwide demonstrations to support WGA Nov. 28th

by Paul William Tenny

George Lucas may have to think twice about seeking scabs to write his live-action Star Wars show, as many international writing unions are declaring support for the Writers Guild of America by pledging not to write for struck companies. Such actions by non-WGA members is considered 'scabbing' and is heavily frowned upon by writers of any stripe. Penalties for WGA members caught doing scab work can be damaging, if not terminal to a persons writing career once a strike ends.

Lucas has told trade papers that he wanted an international writing staff to bring culture and flavor to the show, and that he intended to bring them together sometime (I think in December) to hash out plots and outlines, after which they would disperse and begin writing their scripts individually. Both writers' guilds of Canada and Britain have issued letters of support for the WGA, even though some Canadian productions intend to produce work for struck companies (Stargate Atlantis comes to mind; the show is owned by MGM but written entirely by WGC members.)

Added Audrey O'Reilly, chair of the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild: "Our solidarity means that no self-respecting screenwriter in any country will undermine the U.S. strike. The overwhelming majority of our members will never take work from striking American colleagues because the fight now taking place in the U.S. is a fight for screenwriters across the globe."

"Their fight is our fight," said Writers Guild of Canada president Rebecca Schechter.

I suppose what they mean when they say our fight is their fight, is that they won't take new jobs from struck companies looking to replace American writers, because I'm almost certain shows already produced by foreign writers that are American owned will continue regardless of what the WGA does - regardless of the damage it causes.
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Thanks for your posting. I just saw this news item about and how businesses are also getting involved to help WGA members.

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