Wil Wheaton on NUMB3RS Friday

by Paul William Tenny

numb3rs.jpgOne last blurb before I close shop for tonight: Mr. Wil Wheaton did a guest spot on NUMB3RS which is scheduled to air this coming Friday. I don't know a thing about the show as I generally find myself firmly attached to the Sci Fi Channel on Friday nights, but there are fewer and fewer reasons every year to bother watching them. SG-1 is gone, Battlestar is fragmented and feels like it was canceled last year and is long since dust, the way Sci Fi has jerked the schedule around.

Do you even remember how the last season ended?

Perhaps with all of their mistakes, now is the time to bounce around and find something new to watch. Anybody know what NUMB3RS is about? No, seriously, besides numbers. Have I mentioned I miss Firefly lately? I don't think I've said that in at least a couple of hours. It's like a sad song, "where has all the sci-fi gone?"
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