WGA and AMPTP to restart negotiations

by Paul William Tenny

A couple of notable things have taken place concerning the WGA strike. First and foremost, both sides have agreed to restart negotiations after Thanksgiving, on or about the 26th of November. Carlton Cuse (Lost) has decided to cross the picket line and return to his producing duties with absolutely no guarantee that said negotiations will bare any fruit. I don't know what his contract requires him to do, but by crossing the line, if these negotiations fall apart again, what he'll be doing right now is making sure that ABC has more original material they can air in January and beyond, hurting writers longer than should be necessary.

He isn't the only one who is going to, or has already, crossed the picket line. I sympathize with his situation if he's legally required to keep producing whatever they have left, but it's still maddening to see the richest TV writers crossing the line (that they'll continue being paid for presumably) to do work that hurts everyone else still honoring the strike. They may have no choice, but that doesn't make it right.

I'm glad I'm not in their shoes, that's a rough road to walk.
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