Update On The Picketer Struck By Car

by Paul William Tenny

writer-hit-and-run.jpgI just found a story posted on Defamer from a couple of days ago that fills in some missing pieces about the writer who was hit by a car while walking the picket line (two days ago) in front of Sunset-Gower Studios. I did note in the strike news update this afternoon that the writer (Tom Johnson) ended up with a broken leg, but thankfully sustained no critical injuries. I didn't know what the surrounding circumstances were such as whether or not the driver fled the scene.

Turns out that's exactly what happened.

(Defamer) quoting a local ABC affiliate, whitenesses said that the driver was corralled by other picketing writers immediately after the accident and took away his keys so he couldn't leave the scene (at least with his car, he did leave anyway), which explains how the infamous picture of the guys shoe stuck under the SUV tire came about.

The local report says that the driver was taken by studio employees inside, presumably where the guy works, which just happens to be leaving the scene of an accident. For those unaware, being involved in a vehicular accident which results in physical injury to a person in which you leave before the police arrive isn't just hit and run, it's felony hit and run.

My thoughts and best wishes are with Tom Johnson and his family, if he has any. On top of being unemployed thanks to the strike, he has now just incurred what is likely to be a sizable medical bill..seven weeks before Christmas.

Just to be 100% clear, if you watch the news report from that local ABC affiliate, understand that writers do not make on average $200,000 per year - that's a blatant lie. I doubt anyone outside the top 10% make that kind of money, especially when most of the guild (we're talking what, 70% or more?) are unemployed at any given time. In all likelihood that was a number spoonfed to ABC by the studios, and they just ate it up.

Update: I'm a retard and forgot to actually give this post a real title. If you see odd things, I blame it on you.
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