Tim Kring: We F*cked up, But We Can Fix It

by Paul William Tenny

heroes.jpgThere has been a lot of criticism over the way season two of Heroes has unfolded, least of which has come from me. Everything I've disliked though has been addressed in one way or another by series creator and showrunner Tim Kring in a chat he held with Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen. Wow, there actually is a real person with the last name Jensen. Can you believe it? I'm freaking out, man.

The pace is too slow
"We assumed the audience wanted season 1 — a buildup of intrigue about these characters and the discovery of their powers. We taught [them] to expect a certain kind of storytelling. They wanted adrenaline. We made a mistake."

The world-saving stakes should have been established sooner
The premonition of nuclear apocalypse created a larger context that unified every story line last season. Kring now sees that Volume 2 (the first 11 episodes of season 2) would have been better served if Peter's vision of viral Armageddon had appeared in the season premiere rather than episode 7. ''We took too long to get to the big-picture story,'' he says.

Lots more covering all the hot points. The newbies, Hiro in Japan, the stupid soap opera between Claire and West, the whole deal. Rest easy all, Kring is not oblivious to the problems but understand a couple of things that they don't mention in the EW story. First being that concept to air can be over a month in the making, even if Kring wanted to make all of these changes, it won't show up on the TV for at least a month or more because what you saw last week was written over a month ago, if not longer.

Second thing is that with the strike, Heroes is going to halt production after episode 11 because that's all they've got to work with, so any changes they do make to respond to these "problems" probably won't resonate with the audience with so little time left. They just aired 2x07 on Monday so there are only four left. In all likelihood, any substantive changes would actually start once the show goes off the air.

Look forward to what comes after, though. That's when Kring promises we'll start feeling right at home with season two.
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