Theater Watch and Box Office Booty are probably history

by Paul William Tenny

I've been thinking about moving my Theater Watch series to Thursdays since most films open on Fridays, and often times I don't get the posts up until well into the day and into the night even. Why preview the new flicks after most people go to see them? It then struck me that I really hate doing them and I wondered if anybody even read them at all.

According Google Analytics, the answer is a resounding no. The most read post I have done in that series hasn't even broken 10 page views, while collectively, the total number of posts have amassed fewer than 30 reads.
Now, this site may be small, but people, it ain't that small. The story isn't much different for the Monday editions of Box Office Booty, although it is slightly more popular, it isn't by very much. Consider this my official notice to anyone that actually reads these things that I'm going to stop unless I see some comments about this. Theater Watch may not be a best-selling read or chocked full of exclusive scoops, but they take a good while to write and there just isn't any point when hardly anyone is reading the darn things.

Box Office Booty may yet live on because they go quicker, but I doubt it. Instead I think I'll try doing a weekly feature on new DVD releases instead. Anybody interested in that?
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