Some Shows Only Have 1 Episode Left

by Paul William Tenny

I noticed that some family members didn't have any idea there was a strike going on right now in tinseltown, and were less than thrilled at the idea of this mediocre fall television season being cut short just when prospects were looking up on shows like Heroes. If you're one of the brave few, keeping an eye on the situation for the good of the nation, you might want to start letting your own family and friends know that some of their favorite sitcoms and the like are going to burn up and disappear in a matter of weeks.

I know I'd rather be sacked out on the floor with the DVR remote sitting on my fat belly for the next four months while the satellite guys gouge us for every last penny, but since that's just not gonna happen, Mr. Ausiello over at TV Guide thought he'd do some digging to find out just how many episodes each of the big shows have left. As it would be, the shows I want more of are heading south sooner rather than later, while some less-than-desirable crap-u-tainment will be making us think this strike couldn't have come soon enough.

200 - Total number of episodes left (so far)
14 - Most episodes left (Men in Trees)
6 - Average episodes left per show
1 - Least episodes left (The Office)
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