'Shrek The Halls' on ABC tonight

by Paul William Tenny

shrek-the-halls.jpgI was going to make a joke about one large green cartoon character sitting on and squishing another from Christmas past, but Variety beat me to it. Bastards.

ABC is going to air a Shrek-themed Christmas special this year called "Shrek the Halls" with all the old players taking up their parts for one of the most successful animated properties in recent times. Hell, maybe ever. The first three films have grossed just about $2.2 billion between them over the years and I don't think things are going to change very much for the coming fourth film.

It seems like an odd match for Christmas, but I guess it was inevitable that they'd branch out to television in one way or another with something original. Variety tells the tale if you're interested: the special runs half an hour tonight (Nov 28) at 8PM, and I can't for the life of me tell whether or not the reviewer even liked it. At that hour, I imagine it'll be running against the Republican YouTube debate which will probably feature more laughers than anything running on ABC.
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