'Shrek The Halls' obliterates competition

by Paul William Tenny

No seriously, when I say Shrek The Halls absolutely killed everything in its path, I'm not exaggerating here or merely comparing it to whatever else was on TV during the same hour that night. According to the guys in the know (you know, those pesky Neilsen "people") Shrek The Halls pulled in an 19 share the other night that will guarantee about 50 more Shrek specials down the road.

It teamed with animated classic "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Classic" to produce the best young-adult ratings for any entertainment program in the 8 o'clock hour -- on any night, on any net -- since last May's season-ender of "American Idol" on Fox.

I had no earthly clue a half-hour special, even a Shrek special, could pull in such a massive audience like that. Hell, I didn't even think that many people would even know the special was going to be on that night. If I didn't read the trades scouring them for news and interesting things for me to rant about, I wouldn't have had a clue. Even so, I didn't watch it, opting instead for the Republican presidential debate on CNN, the one sponsored by YouTube.

Me thinks I made the wrong choice.
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