Quick Links: November 6th, 2007

by Paul William Tenny

south-park2.jpgSouth Park: Raping Your Childhood For 10 Years.

  • "Imagination Land" South Park trilogy scores record ratings for Comedy Central (Futon Critic)

  • 2 rent-a-cops are no match for 20 pissed off writers. (TV Guide)

  • Lost's midget season may be getting even smaller. (SyFy Portal)

  • This year's Nicholl fellowship is over, congrats you seven lucky cats. (Hollywood Reporter)

  • Huge list of TV show shutdowns - excellent work guys. (AICN)

  • Cashmere Mafia got benched before ever airing. (Variety)

  • My hard drive is making really, really bad noises. Anyone want to buy me a new one?
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