On Sunday, Everybody Wins (Ratings)

by Paul William Tenny

Everybody except CBS, anyway, but it serves them right for squandering Lost and torturing us with Kid Nation, right? NBC is seeing numbers unlike those since Must See Thursday moved into the retirement home, with football providing a score for the network which saw nearly 17 million people watch the San Diego Chargers upset the Indianapolis Colts 23-21 last night.

Fox did very well with Cowboys vs NY Giants, though not nearly as well as NBC did. While NBC is expected to the night overall, ABC had the most watched show of the evening with Desperate Housewives, hauling 18.5 million eyeballs (or would that be 37 million eyeballs?) - but don't expect that to last. According to the strike chart, Housewives only had 3 episodes left to air before running dry due to the strike, and if that number accounted for this past weekend, you're looking at just two more episodes before ABC is forced to enter reruns for one of its top 3 rated dramas.

CBS was bad, but not nearly as bad as The CW.
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