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by Paul William Tenny

mt4-logo.jpgOne of my favorite sites to read has begun their upgrade of Movable Type from 3.2 to 4.01. Movable Type is a publishing platform (or a blog+) similar to WordPress, only MT works a little differently on the inside and has features from Six Apart (the people who make and sell it) that make it ideal for enterprise class publishing. I love it to death and launched this site on the back of a beta version of 4.0 and have had few problems with it over the past four months
They upgraded the backend software over there before dealing with the templates, and so they are stuck with the default 4.01 template for the time being until that gets worked out. I created my template from scratch, spent probably two or three weeks working on it off and on until I was happy with it before I even bought my domain and setup the site. Since they are new to 4.0 over there, they are turning on features to play with that I had never thought about.

Thus, inspiration is born.

Previously you could comment anonymously or register with *this site only* and skip the image/word test. Now I've turned on alternate login options so you have a broader choice. If you have a TypeKey login, OpenID, LiveJournal login, or a Vox login, you can use any of those to log into this site now. The great thing about these options is that they give you a single login for however many sites support it.

For example, since both the Artful Writer and Media Pundit both support TypeKey, you can go over and register an account there and you'll be able to use *that* login on *both* sites, even though we have no connection with each other. Any MT site, any site, any site that supports OpenID, TypeKey, or the others will be like that from now on.

I haven't seen much point in tinkering with this stuff because this site is new, and we don't get a ton of comments. Most posts don't get any at all, while a very few tend to collect a lot. I thought allowing people to comment anonymously would be the best way to welcome new people to comment, but I'm considering turning that off now that all these other options are available.

Additionally, I changed the template for comments a little to make them more uniform in display (less indentation, better visual separation) and added something that makes my own comments stand out from the rest. I love sites that do this because often the comments revolve around what the post author is saying. It's not egotistical, I find it genuinely useful on other sites and I'm hoping it'll go over well here as well.

Thoughts of  readers here would be appreciated. Until then, enjoy the new login options and let me know if there are any problems.

Update: I changed my mind and turned Vox and LiveJournal back off. No reason to have five options when three will do just fine.
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