NBC's 'Scrubs' May Be Twice The Victim

by Paul William Tenny

scrubs-cast.jpgScrubs is going to run out of episodes sooner rather than later, like most shows that are still in the first half of their seasonal run. TV Guide estimates Scrubs may have as few as nine episodes left to air with almost all of them already shot and ready for broadcast, but that's really not their biggest concern. Creator Bill Lawrence had intended to wrap up Scrubs this year after an improbable seven-year run, and now it's possible that the strike could very well end it right in the middle of the season with no way of really controlling what will happen.

NBC was reluctant to renew the show this year but did end up making that decision, I'm pretty sure not too long after the upfronts back in the spring. Writers have been demanding better residual payments for the reuse of their work for much of the past 20 years. The studios and networks have refused to change the formula that amounts to about four cents per DVD sold for the home video rates and say that such residuals for streaming and downloaded media is out of the question entirely.

Writers called a strike on November 1st of this year, ensuring the fall television season would be cut in half for most networks and sent late night talk shows and a number of sitcoms into reruns almost immediately. The studio feature film slate is secure through 2008 with most of those films having scripts completed many months ago.
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