NBC May Cap Heroes at 11 Episodes

by Paul William Tenny

This isn't surprising at all, with a strike set to begin sometime Monday morning there won't be anymore writing done from now until the studios and networks decide to stop redefining the word 'greed'. NBC is taking advantage of the last few days they have control over Tim Kring and company by forcing them to write an alternate ending to the 11th episode of Heroes this season so that it can function has a season-ending wrap-up.

News comes right on the heels of NBC axing the much hyped spinoff called "Origins" that would have aired either during the regular second season hiatus, or more likely in between the second and third seasons. Kevin Smith, John August, Eli Roth and a number of other people had been lined up to each pen a single episode of Origins, with some also taking on directing duties - that's now been called off presumably so money can be shifted to other projects.

The limited-run spinoff may yet see life after the strike, though things are very much uncertain on every level these days. Please try not to blame the the writers for this, when push comes to shove, a strike is literally the only weapon they have to get what they want and what they need from the studios and networks. When they ask for something, then take half that off the table, and the other side won't even give in on a single issue, it's clear what happens next.

But believe me when I say the results of this while frustrating today will pay off in the future if the producers stop being such cheap bastards. The more fair the wages are, the more writers can afford to spend time writing instead of quitting because it pays more to clean the studios carpets.
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