Life, Chuck get full seasons

by Paul William Tenny

Good news for Life and Chuck, and perhaps something of a ray of hope for Journeyman and Bionic Woman fans. The former two got full season orders despite being challenged in the ratings. The latter two are playing in a very similar range and I'm going to have to agree with Hinman at SyFy Portal that some shows in this group aren't going to make it.

Still, it didn't really look like Life and Chuck were going to make it either, it was shaping up (and still looks like) a near total wash for NBC this fall. Perhaps their best bet is to clone Tim Kring a couple of times and see how many new shows he can come up with in the next 1.5 seconds while devoting almost no time to any of them. It works for J. J. Abrams, right?

The irony of this decision is that the writers for both series have been picketing outside their studio offices for much of the past four weeks, and won't step foot back inside until a new contract has been signed, sealed, and delivered. In a way, it's another hole in Nikke Finke's theory that the networks are actually happy the strike has prematurely ended a dismal fall season. A number of series got full season orders before the strike began, and as you can see, they are still showing faith in their struggling programs.
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