Jennifer Morrison in Trek XI?

by Paul William Tenny

jennifer-morrison-trek.jpgA couple of days ago, somebody descended on a shoot taking place for J. J. Abrams new Trek flick and managed to snap some pics of what most people assumed were extras hanging out, waiting for something to do. At the place where I found this one pic (source) the poster noted the striking resemblance between this woman, and Jennifer Morrison of Fox's House.

I can see how people would make that leap but I didn't actually believe it. She's hot, she looks like Morrison, and hey, there isn't exactly a hell of a lot to speculate about when it comes to J. J. Abrams movies.

Turns out everybody had it straight on - Jennifer Morrison has officially boarded the Enterprise. Or a studio lot.

Michael Ausiello confirmed the casting of Morrison with Abrams today but there's no information on what part she would play, just like there's no info about what the movie is going to be about, kind of like how there's not even a title yet. Am I the only person getting sick of Abrams secret keeping? I think maybe he's spent a little too much time on the island..

But damn, am I the only person thinking that the budget on this flick due entirely to the bloated cast is going to push costs near or above the $150 million mark? Historically Trek movies have not done well outside the core fanbase in the theater, there's no way this movie will make back its cost; doesn't matter who is directing the thing.

Anyway, click the pic for a larger version.
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