Jay Leno Joins The Line; Some Shows May Only Have Five Episodes Left

by Paul William Tenny

jay-leno-picketing.jpgI heard on the news this afternoon that Democratic Presidential candidate Barak Obama has declared his support for writers as the strike got underway today. That's not really surprising seeing as how Democrats love unions and Obama and Clinton are not labors favorite son (so to speak) - John Edwards is. Even so, that support is appreciated and won't be forgotten by anyone.

As you can see, Jay Leno was walking the lines today showing his support, as have a number of big names that typically hang out in front of the camera. SAG has been more supportive of the WGA this year than they have in a long time, perhaps because this instance of leadership reached out to them more effectively (or reached out to them at all) than in recent years, but certainly because any gains writers make in this contract will carry over to SAG and DGA almost by default.

As a non-working writer, I support the guild today the only way I can: I write about it. It's not much, but it's what I've got, and I appreciate non-members walking the line even if only for a few hours just as much as members do. I'd be there if I could.

Something I've not been real clear on is just how many episodes the networks have banked for the strike, but I found a number on AICN this evening that pegs it at five for *most shows*. Some have more, but most of them should have at least that many. Some will be burned off during November sweeps, then things will shutdown for the holidays just like they normally would until January, which is when shows will begin running dry in earnest.

Check it out.
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I'm surprised studios even let things get this far. Someone on a board I visit suggested that sending them pencils (and letters of support for the WGA) may be a good idea.

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