Is Judd Apatow's Number Finally Up?

by Paul William Tenny

You can't argue with the mans success to date, but as Moariaty over at AICN points out, he's bound to get raked over the coals eventually. A reader sent in his review of an early screening of Apatow's latest flick Walk Hard. FYI, Apatow is doing sound mixing on one of his upcoming features but has already been walking the picket line with the striking writers, and plans to join them in force once the mixing is done within a weeks time.

Straight to the point – WALK HARD was a boring movie. It was not awful, and nowhere near good, but just bland and forgettable. I think John C. Reilly is an okay actor, and he’s definitely one of the better guys they could have found to play a musician in a film (I liked his musical role in A PRARIE HOME COMPANION), but he can’t save this failure.
There's a ton more to what this guy has to say, if you're interested in reading up, hit AICN while it's hot. Don't be pissed though if there are giveaways in there and you're an Apatow fan looking forward to seeing Walk Hard - it's a review after all.

I haven't actually seen any of Apatow's flicks since I'm not huge on going to theaters these days in the first place - home theater is where it's at now - but I've got to believe that depending on where in the pipe Walk Hard is, people are going to go see it simply on credit. It happens all the time, and usually it's the flick after the blow back that suffers the most when it deserves it the least.
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