Heroes: Four Months Ago

by Paul William Tenny

heroes-2x08.jpg This is everything that Four Months Later could have been, even though the last few minutes of Four Months Later was actually a pretty good grab. I disagree that this is what the premier should have been, though, because a lot happened tonight that wouldn't have been possible without some of the mysteries set in motion up until this point.

Finding Peter with no memory handcuffed in a cargo container was cool, but it was no replacement for Four Months Ago, yet it couldn't have come full circle without it. (Moderate Spoilers ahead)

I feel like Tim Kring and company are back on the right track, had the best intentions, but lacked some foresight. Seeing Hiro stuck in ancient Japan at the end of season one was actually a fantastic tease that made me look forward to what was coming more than just about anything else.

Imagine what the people who wrote that were thinking about when they wrote it. They were probably more excited to explore that venue more than we were, and they had no way of knowing how good it would turn out, and it's not their fault that it pretty much stunk.

It still served to introduce us to one new character that I really like and think adds tremendous depth to the series, and again, without the fumbles from the first five episodes, that may have never come about either. Luckily for us, the writers were smart enough to change direction once they knew things weren't working out the way the fans wanted.

We also need to remember that this change in direction was probably decided upon nearly a month ago - just because you see it on TV tonight doesn't mean it was finished within the past week. That script was probably written in its first form three or four weeks ago, these guys can't react any faster than an aircraft carrier or a train.

Now more than at any point, I'm really feeling the hurt of the writers strike. Kring and company had planned to end one arc and start another at the seasons midpoint all along, but we're being cheated out of it because of simple corporate greed.

As much as it bothers me, I feel great sympathy for those writers and all the below-the-line people who are getting fired this week because there's literally nothing for them to do. They are going to suffer the worst and the soonest and in the end no matter who wins, they'll gain nothing. Thanks CEOs who make $20 million per year, this is your fault, and people won't forget it anytime soon.

The Opening - was outstanding. I'm really thrilled that we got to see the minute or so that was hidden in the season one finale. They had no obligation to do that and they showed us anyway. Thank you.

The Hondurans - still managed to ruin the party. As awesome as it was to see what happened to everyone in between Four Months Ago and Four Months Later, we still didn't see anything valuable about the Hondurans. In fact, we keep seeing the same sequence repeated nearly every single week.

The sister who is an understandably yet annoyingly emotional wreck freaks out, goes through the motions of murdering a dozen nearby people, and sometimes her brother saves them. Sometimes not so much.

Kring said in a conference call that some of the new Heroes (just what in the hell kind of Hero is this girl supposed to be?) weren't going to survive all the way through to the second arc, meaning they'll die before or in episode 11. Cool, can I help?

Momma Petrelli - has a gift of her own, we figured, since we know these things can be inherited. We don't know what power Hiro's father had and it wasn't ever made clear if Nathan got his ability from his father or his mother. We've also seen that heredity doesn't quite work the same way with these people - Claire can heal but not fly after all.

So what can she do? They made damn sure we noticed Momma was touching Nathan's wife while buttering her up with lies, so either Momma likes the girls, or she has some kind of physical persuasion. Cool, I like that one.

D.L.'s death - was absolutely retarded. When you guys come back after the strike, please fix that. Seriously, what the hell? Why not just have him fall down a manhole or drop a plane on him.

The Ending - made one thing and one thing only pop into my mind: Heroes is Back.
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I totally agree with you. Hereos is back. (for what about three episodes until they run out of scripts because of the strike?) So many things were confirmed that I believed, and other things were explained.

Showing the beginning of the Honduran's experience gave me a little more sympathy towards them, but not enough to counteract the desire for sylar to kill her. You know, if she would embrace her power instead of being a winey brat, I might actually like her, but you are right, its the same thing over and over again.

I have ALWAYS thought Mama Petrelli had the power of persuasion which was why she was in politics. She has always been touchy feely and persuasive. But I'm leaning towards Adam West being Nathan and Peter's father. He doesn't age, he was part of the original order....and since power's are hereditary it would fit. Claire inherited her Grandfather's power exactly!!

I HATED DL's death. After everything he went through he gets shot over a new personality?? They should have just left him dead from the end of the season. The only thing this lent was to confirm that Nikki can't handle her power so will always be fighting personalities to deal with it. (which totally explained why she was a hero and not just a pscyzo) and also was the nail in the coffin (so to speak) for her to go get help at the "company". I know the holiday break would take Heroes off anyway but I hope the writer's strike doesn't keep it from coming back on because NOW with THIS episode...I'm finally excited about the show again.

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