FX Happy With Nip/Tuck & Rescue Me

by Paul William Tenny

I see that FX (one of Fox's cable channels) has ordered up another season of Rescue Me (5th season), and the numbers coming in for returning Nip/Tuck are looking great (double what Rescue Me pulls in) so that show is likely to continue into the foreseeable future, the strike not withstanding of course. Cable shows tend to work on a different schedule than network shows so depending on how these two are jiggered, they may have an entire season banked and ready to ride out the first half of 2008, or they may run dry just as fast as everyone else.

I've seen both these series in the past and while I couldn't really find enough in them to keep up for an entire season, they've both had extremely excellent moments before - these are solid dramas not to be dismissed just because they air on a cable channel or because they only get a tiny percentage of the viewers of a show like House. I do think Nip/Tuck probably does a better job of the two of keeping interesting stories going while Rescue Me kind of peters out on you for a while before revving up again. Just my personal opinion, of course.

I was never a big fan of Charmed but one thing that would keep me hanging around for a while was Julian McMahon, and he's the reason I checked out Nip/Tuck in the first place. Not a show for the light hearted though, or people offended by salty language - it is cable after all, and there does tend to be a lot of man-ass. It comes with the territory though.
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