Fox Mass Firings Rumor Quelled

by Paul William Tenny

fox-studios.jpgDeadline Hollywood started and has now killed an irresponsible rumor that Fox axed every single one of their showrunners for not fulfilling their producing duties during the writers' strike. Turns out what really happened was that Fox started suspending showrunners who stopped running their own shows, hardly a crime when one considers the current situation.

RUMOR that Fox just fired all their showrunners/writer-producers. And, because they're now fired, when the strike ends Fox can choose whether or not to rehire them. But since they were fired, the showrunners can ALSO choose whether or not to go back. I'm trrying to confirm. There's a desperate need tro pin down all these rumors...

The original post title used a dirty trick from Fox News whereby you make a statement and stick a question mark on the end of it, as in "Fox Axes All Its Showrunners/Hyphenates?"

I think Nikke does a ton of good work over there, but there are many instances where her blog is simply a train wreck of misinformation, slanted reporting, opinion substituted for fact, and a general sickly obsession with network and studio execs that even creeps out agents - that's saying a lot. Repeating completely unsubstantiated rumors that are that damaging is beyond the pale.

Then again, isn't that what blogging was invented for? Never mind, carry on!
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