'Ellen' skips east coast visit over WGAe threats

by Paul William Tenny

The animosity between Ellen DeGeneres and the Writers Guild of America (East) seems to be taking a toll on the host's show, which has canceled plans to travel to the east coast this week apparently due to threats by WGAe that they'd picket her show for continuing her hosting duties while the strike is on-going. WGAe blasted DeGeneres for only honoring the strike for a single day before crossing the line. They are especially pissed because she happens to be a WGA member herself.

I don't think there's any argument about the legality of this, her hosting duties are separate from any writing she may have done for the show - which actually appears to be none at all given what has been written about her by former writers for her show, most of whom really, really don't like her - so not showing up could possibly land her in a court room.

That hasn't stopped showrunners in Los Angeles who have producing duties that extend well beyond the writing room from honoring the strike, much to the consternation of network executives who have actually threatened to sue these producers to force them to do a job that isn't even in their contract.

In light of what Hollywood producers and SAG members are doing - the latter whom are actually are violating their contracts - DeGeneres appears rather shrewed looking out for her own best interests, while her own writers are wondering which they'll win first: residual payments for digital media, or a notice of foreclosure.
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