DNC cancels Democratic CBS debate

by Paul William Tenny

Not much news on the strike front, other than the DNC canceling a democratic debate that was supposed to be moderated by Katie Couric. I saw Hillary Clinton on CBS a few days ago and we all knew there was the possibility that the CBS news writers were going to finally call their strike which would have essentially closed off CBS to labor friendly dems. I thought it was pretty low for Clinton to do that, it was obvious she was getting it in under the wire for her own personal gain.
Predictably, CBS is furious about the canceled debate. But you know what? Maybe they shouldn't have refused to give their writers a new fair contract for 2 1/2 years. I guess screwing over the people you rely on really does have consequences.

The talks in L.A. are ongoing, and I had a thought a few days ago that the only reason the AMPTP came back to the table was because the showrunners were itching to slither back onto the lot to finish up their work before they ran dry on scripts. Them walking out was hugely important, but going back with a guarantee of nothing wasted the only big gun writers had.

All the big media companies need to do is string the WGA along for a week or two while the showrunners finish their work, then walk away again. I hope that isn't the case, but this smelled like a setup from the get-go. I truly don't think this is going to end for many months yet.

Predictably, low morale is set it on the picket lines as this thing nears the end of week 4. Really though, picketing is kind of meaningless. I don't care what anyone says, it's 100% symbolic and if anything, is really designed to keep writers busy during the strike so they won't sit at home and write stuff that will immediately flood the market when the strike ends.

This strike video is pretty damn funny, but why did they censor it for language? It wasn't funny that it was bleeped (it never is) and it's an Internet video..I hope that when the fabled move from TV to Internet happens, it doesn't result in the 'net becoming PG-13.
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