Box Office Booty: November 19th, 2007

by Paul William Tenny

I wasn't real sure how well Beowulf was going to do this weekend, it's really a toss-up given it being animation and not live-action, but things turned out rather well for Paramount's latest fantasy adventure. The rather expensive flick topped the box office with $28 million on costs of $150m. That ain't great and this probably should have cost $100m instead of 150, but it certainly beats the business for Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (have I mentioned that whoever came up with that title should be liquidated?) with pulled in only $10 million in roughly the same number of theaters.

Love in the Time of Cholera (god that's even worse) did $1.9 million in 852 theaters which doesn't bode well when you compare the average theater performance.

No Country for Old Men did very well in extremely limited release ($3 million in 148 theaters) and looks very good for wide release, whenever that is. Bee Movie, American Gangster, and Fred Claus clung to 2nd through 4th which makes the 5th ranked Emporium a bona fide box office bomb. Congrats.
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